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The Family Office (TFO) wanted to expand their current offering for digital wealth management in an effort to bridge the financial literacy gap between experienced investors and beginners. The Zaha app was a new addition to their line of products. Its objective was to make financial knowledge and investment easily accessible solely to new investors.

TFO is an independent wealth management firm serving some of the wealthiest families, individuals and investors in the The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). They needed help managing the UX process and build new applications across their digital product line.

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  • UX/UI Design
  • Logo Design
  • Design QA
  • Developer Handoff
  • Design System


  • Create a premium experience to learn about finance and invest
  • Make the application easy to use and understand
  • Emphasize privacy and security to reassure users


  • Delight and make it pleasureable
    Leave users with a sense of delight, confidence, fulfillment, and a desire to come back.
  • Focus on the usability for investing
    We wanted to focus on helping users be even more empowered to invest and keep investing.
  • Build functional, reliable UX
    This step would include a UX overhaul of the onboarding and investment process.

Aarron Walter's Hierarchy of User Needs



The primary objective of the design was to make it as easy as possible for Zaha clients to learn about investing, invest with the platform and manage their portfolio seamlessly.

Zaha was designed as a separate product to focus on 3 key impacts - investment, learning and socializing, which targets inexperienced investors while still providing value to seasoned investors.

  • Premium, luxurious appearance
  • Informational UI
  • Progressive revelation
  • Clear, digestible information


Our approach

The team consisted of a Senior Product Designer (myself) and a Junior Product Designer working in tandem with an independent UX Researcher and the Zaha stakeholder team to gather requirements, review mockups and prototypes, and conduct usability tests with potential Zaha users.

Sketches & Wireframes

Once we had the sitemap and user flow, we proceeded to the wireframe phase to flesh out the blueprint of the site’s structure, layout and functions, which gave us a clear idea of the UX design functions.

View sketches


Delivering to the team

We created beautiful high-fidelity mockups that were ready for dev handoff based off of user research, user testing, and competitor research.

View prototype