My name is Joseph España (ehs-pah-nyah). Yes, like the country

I am a designer hailing from Los Angeles, CA 🌴. I started my career in graphic design and transitioned that into UI & UX design over the years.

The beginnings

I have always been interested in art and illustration. I was always drawing as a kid and by middle school I started delving into computers. I learned to code HTML & CSS at a young age (thanks MySpace) and applied that knowledge in high school & eventually college.

It wasn't until high school until I realized what design actually was. I enjoyed creating things that people could use or experience. I followed that passion into college with a degree in graphic design. I worked for a few years designing websites & print work for small companies. I enjoyed print design but it never really clicked with me like it did when I worked on actual products. I eventually transitioned into UI & UX design a few years ago and never looked back.

How I work

I would say I am a big proponent of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). Anything included in a design should have a functional purpose. My design style tends to lean towards the minimal side so I feel that philosophy meshes well with how I design.

I am always taking notes even when I am by myself thinking through a project (just ask my stack of bullet journals). I like to document everything on the how, when, and why on any project I work on. This helps keep the team on the same page and provides everyone with documentation to lean on. We'll work well together if you care about the user and how to best solve the problem for them.

I have a lettering and illustration side too

A year ago, I recently picked up lettering and have been doing a 100 day project to help improve my skills. This helps scratch that creative itch I get in addition to product design. You can see more of my lettering work on Instagram.